AMCCOM Distribution Simulation Model - DISM

U.S. Army Armament, Chemical and Munitions Command

This model produces a plan for distributing ammunition during mobilization from Continental United States (CONUS) depots and production facilities to overseas theaters. It can handle both walk-in requisitions and planned requirements for all services. It considers assets and their locations, depot lift capability by day, CONUS and OCONUS port constraints, and ability of the receiving units to process the shipments.

Other capabilities include simultaneous truck and rail shipments, simultaneous break-bulk and container shipments, and simultaneous trans-oceanic shipments by ships and aircraft.

In addition, there are constraints on the number of trucks and rail cars in use by day, as well as constraints on the number of aircraft and ships in use by day.

DSIM assesses both mobilization plans and the distribution system. It can identify bottlenecks and demonstrate the impact on the system that results from introducing changes.